The Blowfish Seafood Restaurant, Dolphin Beach Hotel in Blouberg

The Blowfish is one of Cape Town’s finest seafood and sushi restaurants. Their reputation for fine food, excellent service and magnificent views has been earned over almost a decade, establishing them as a firm favourite with both locals and visitors alike.

Their famous fish counter is stocked with a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood - local fish, imported fish, exotic fish, line fish, deep sea fish and game fish. Plus a variety of succulent shellfish - prawns, langoustines, lobster & oysters.

With a magnificent view of Table Mountain across the Atlantic Ocean, and mouth-watering food, you're invited to relax and enjoy your meal with with the best professionals on the culinary scene in matters seafood.

Our BLOWFISH Experience
27 November 2009

After several months of hard work to bring our brand "new look" DurbanvilleINFO portal to life, my partner and I decided that after the big day, we deserved a pat on the back by celebrating the fact that we had finally gone live and everyone involved in the effort was happy that it all went smoothly.  The big question was as always where to eat as we both are extremely fond of seafood but very critical of poor service levels and badly prepared seafood, which does come at a premium these days.

The final consensus was finally BLOWFISH, as we'd heard so much of this wonderful restaurant and prayed that it would not disappoint as my partner is known to get up and walk out of an establishment "mid meal" if there's something really wrong!  This can fray the nerves at times.

13H00: Reservation made telephonically for 8 pm (essential!) and great excitement as the website "go live" was in progress. Our intention was to leave early and have pre-dinner drinks, watch the sunset and "wallow in the glory" of another successful project launch. I was really feeling confident.

18H30: Prepared to leave for Blouberg to have our planned pre-dinner drinks at Blowfish only to find that all our plans were to change rather dramatically.

18H45: Rushed off to deliver a daughter and friend to D'Aria's first Summer Concert of the season as her lift had fallen through and watched the sun begin setting over the Altydgedacht vineyard instead as we neared the concert venue thinking "so much for pre-dinner drinks at Blowfish!!!".

19H00:  Attempted valiantly to get back home to pick up my partner so that we could finally leave to make our dinner date at Blowfish but the traffic jam at the concert venue had me in a cold sweat for at least 20 minutes.

19H25: Finally arrived home, breathless and stressed only to find my partner standing at the kitchen counter with dice in hand in order to cast a deciding vote on whether we should really go to Blowfish or stay in for the night, as it had already turned into the "usual fiasco" our pre planned dinners normally do. I was visibly peeved and grabbed the dice, placed them back in the bar, grabbed my pashmina and hand bag, our pre-dinner drinks and got in the car!  So we wouldn't see the sun setting over Table Bay but we would enjoy pre-dinner drinks on our way to Blowfish anyway.

20H04:  Somewhere in Tableview I realised I had no idea just where we were supposed to be and called Telkom 1023 to get the Blowfish restaurant's telephone number.  We were late and stressed and could NOT afford to have our table given away.  The ever efficient Telkom lady proceded to give us a telephone number of what she assumed was Blowfish and clearly turned out to be anything BUT Blowfish!!!

We called the telephone number in question, told our story quoting our name and stating that we had a reservation for 8 and requesting that they please hold our table for us as we were lost.  The kind person on the receiving end said that we were not to worry, told us they would hold our table and gave us directions to the "wonderful seafood restaurant" which eventually turned out to be Cape Town Fish Market on the wrong end of Blouberg!  Another call to Telkom 1023 and this time the correct number of the Blowfish only to get the most fabulous person by the name of Julie on the telephone who assured us that our table was still secure!  We were given exact directions, and were promised a double Jamesons and a bottle of good Merlot on our table upon arrival.

20H25: Very frustrated by Telkom's inept 1st employee who sent us on a wild goose chase, and by this time so hungry we were ready to eat at the first McDonalds, we eventually arrive at Blowfish.  What a welcome we got.  Julie greeted us literally with open arms!  We were hugged, welcomed and taken to our table where true to her promise a double Jameson's on the rocks and a bottle of 2006 Haartenberg Merlot (spectacular) awaited us.  Our waiter (been with Blowfish since 2002) was an absolute joy.  He talked us through the excellent menu choices which left us in awe so we finally decided to take his advice and settle for a seafood platter to share which included lobster prepared Cajun style, langoustine, succulent grilled calamari and the fish of the day which was kabeljou done to perfection.

I truly have no idea what time we left Blowfish as we had the most fabulous meal in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere which few restaurants in the Cape are able to equal.  The service levels were truly outstanding.  The food was beautifully prepared and well presented. It may have taken much effort, several trials and tribulations in getting to Blowfish but most definitalely worth every moment of it.  Ask me if I'd go through all the effort again - most definitely yes!  Blowfish has our No 1 vote.