Helena's Flapjacks
Author: Helena from Jabulani Guest House - Durbanville
Source: Helena's very own recipe book built up over years of guest house experience in her own guest house.
Quick, Great Breakfast Treat, Kid's just love it.

"A crumpet by any other name tastes equally good!   A winner with kids at the breakfast table, and make enough for the dads too! The recipe comes from my student days when this was Sunday morning fare." - (Helena)

Beat the egg well, add the sugar and beat. Then add the dry ingredients, adding a little milk to keep the mixture soft and but not runny, rather like heavy cream. Finally add the oil, beat until well mixed. Let the mixture stand for a few minutes or close up and keep overnight in the fridge.

Bake in a hot, very lightly oiled pan until bubbles starts to form on the upper side. Flip over, and just a little more on the second side until just cooked. Do not put the heat at maximum or the crumpets will burn before being cooked through.

Serve any way you like – with maple syrup for American guests!